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"Anything...If You're Brave Enough"

April 6 - May 2, 2019

The Piano Room of INDEX ART CENTER
237 Washington Avenue, Newark, NJ

A group exhibition exploring the possibilities of the meme that states "Anything is a dildo, if you're brave enough". Gathered together, these sculptures are a contemporary survey of the cultural significance of the dildo, literally and through metaphor. In this show, we may witness our desires, fears, humors, rages, and rejections mirrored in the works. While not a regular topic of discussion, dildos have ever been sought or created; there is evidence of these sex-objects from pre-historic eras. In this exhibition, I invite the artists to set the stage and the viewers to bring their curiosity, to engage together in an unusual public forum framed by the idea of the dildo.

Ace, Edwina Ball & Lucien, Anastasia Beaverhausen, Anonda Bell, Jo Boys, Chee Bravo, Fernando Carpaneda, ChaoticAttractors.com, Lesley Colis & Laurie Pettine, Susi Colin, Kate Eggleston, Egnekn, Eronin, Sonoko Fagans, Eileen Ferara, Lori Field, Kelly Green, Marco Gonzo, Ellen Hanauer, Instant Jersey, Morris Jurgensen, Jill Kastner, Rachael Borth Krehel, Donna Conklin King, Belinda Lavonna, LIPS, Sinead Day MacLeod, Klaus Matthews, Brian McCormack, Zaharoula Morfogen, Erica Engfer Pizza, Keary Rosen, Joan Sonnenfeld, Sarah Stengle, Charlee Swanson, Joya Angola Thompson, RoByn Thompson, Tingle, Esmerelda Vasquez, X Lady, Juno Zago & many more!


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(Image credit: Photograph of a hole discovered in a space station that was briefly plugged by an astronaut's thumb - late 2018.)









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