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"Anything...If You're Brave Enough"

OPEN CALL to participate in a special exhibition, opening April 2019 at Index Art Center, Newark, NJ. This is a call for works inspired by a meme that states, "Everything is a dildo if you are brave enough".

The ART: I am looking for sculptures [3D objects!] of dildos inspired by this meme. All submissions that adhere to the specifications will be included.  (Obviously, I reserve the right to omit any works I deem unsuitable for the exhibition) This invitation includes castings, ready-mades, carvings, assemblage, ceramics, altered objects, et al. Have fun, take it seriously, make it a joke, get political, whatever you are inspired to do! Please reach out to me if you aren't sure.

Notify me of your intent to submit by: February 1, 2019

Maximum size constraints: 4"diameter x 12" high (Let's be reasonable!)

Mailing your work: Please use a mailing tube. Include pre-paid return shipping postage and label. Submissions without this will be considered donations to future Index Art Center fundraisers.

Return of work: Artists must pick up work within four weeks of show close. Submissions left beyond four weeks will be considered donations to future Index Art Center fundraisers.

All inquiries to curate@ashaganpat.com


Q: May I use an alias?

A: Yes

Q: May I exceed the size maximum of 4"d x 12"h?

A: No. Not unless you speak with me first. And if you are doing a penis-like dildo, testicles may exceed 4" limit.

Q: Is there a size minimum?
A: No.

Q: Must my submission be made of an actual dildo?
A: No. It can be made of anything, really.

Q: Who can submit?
A: Anyone with a dildo-sculpture that fits the size parameters who wants their work included in the show. This person may be a woman, a man, a they, straight, gay, bi, trans, old, middle-aged, adult, or young adult. I will certainly hesitate to include any work made by a minor.

Q: How will my work be displayed?
A: Pieces which are able to stand independently will. Pieces which do not will be displayed laying horizontally.

Q: Can I include electronics, sound, or interactivity?
A: Yes.

Q: May I use a stand? A case? An enclosure? A pedestal? A base?
A: No.

Q: Will anyone actually use the sculptures as dildos?
A: God, I hope not. Each sale will come with a disclaimer quoting Magritte, "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" We will remind each buyer that they should treat this artwork as they have treated the rest of their collection thus far.

Q: How many pieces may I submit?
A: As many as you like.

Q: How many pieces may be included?
A: One per artist. Some exceptions will likely be made. Contact me if you have an idea that requires more than one sculpture.

Q: Can my submission be a living plant?
A: Sure, but the gallery housing this show will be cold for the run of the exhibit.

Q: Can my submission include liquid?
A: The room will not be cold enough to freeze, but some oils may become opaque. Contact me about your idea.

Q: Are you serious about unclaimed work becoming donations to Index Art Center?
A: Yes.

Q: May my work represent violence, hate, abuse, or other similar concepts?
A: Many serious and controversial works will be included. At my discretion, I will weigh the offense against the cultural/historical value and decide case-by-case.

Q: Are these objects only directed towards women?
A: No way. Dildos are for everyone.









mail at asha ganpat dot com