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Crystal Carvings

39 carvings lined in 18k gold, 2017


These were fun to make.  It is the first time I tried adding instead of only removing in a carving.  I was lucky to find these cards to begin a series about the pieces of earth we extract and claim.  These beautiful rocks have been mined from the earth and the extraction left a wound in the land.  For as long as humankind could, we did this.  We cut and polish and bring out the luminescent beauty of the rocks rendering them unrecognizable from the way they began.  We discover and assign venerate qualities to them.  In these cards, I approached my linework like Kirlian aura photography, a “technology” I am immensely fascinated about.  These carvings are the vibrations, the power become visible, and the auras of the stones.














































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