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Sorry, My Dance Card Is Full Tonight
3m15s video, 2018

This video is a daydream. It is a love letter. It is the manifestation of a cultivation of knife-adoration from decades of 3am Home Shopping Network broadcasts, visiting hunting stores, pouring through weaponry catalogs. The first knife I bought was at the Sussex County Fair on a daytrip while away at sleepaway camp, where they let us loose and said to be back at the bus by 4pm. I was going into sixth grade and it was a little garter belt knife with a heart shaped hole in the blade. I wore it under my skirt and was thrilled about how dangerous I had become. For years after that, I watched weapons sold on infomercials by the lot; I never reached for the phone but imagined what I could do with all those knives. The blades were always so new and shiny and their sharp edges sung with potential. In making this video, I thought of how a challenge to brawl is posed as an offer to dance. The rocking movement and gentle music is a slow dance in itself, a romantic display of my affection. Lastly, the title is a threat that I don't have time for you. It is a flash of my teeth. It is a warning that you had better watch out before crossing my path.

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