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A Culprit and His Evidence

Letterpress Drawing, 2014


Decorous Violence

In the series Decorous Violence, I present hardware of torture: a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and a set of brass knuckles; in accompaniment are the fruits: a tooth, an eyeball, and a finger. Paired, the imagery tells the story of an assault one inflicts upon another.

The violence is refined by the lacework, whose patterns become a meditation on savage coercion. The disembodied parts ooze, debilitated in blood nets, supine to aggressors. The tools, haloed with power, and the severed bits, pooled in haloes of blood, are expressions of the intimate cruelty, the tender brutality, of society's sanctioned viciousness.


Screwdriver with Eyeball


Pliers with Finger


Brass Knuckles with Tooth

Letterpress, 2014







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