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Automated Oracle Vending Machine

In this iteration of the Art Vending Machine, I present the "Automated Oracle Vending Machine," a spiritual consultant with a direct line to the gods. True to toy vending machines, each capsule contains a prize awarded at random. Here, the participating viewer receives a sticker and accompanying message which range from benevolences to forebodings in exchange for four quarters. The stickers are hand-cut from a book of reproductions of myth-themed paintings; the selections may be recognizable by the art-adept. The fortunes are inspired by the imagery of the stickers, one of fifty fortunes found among the series of 130 capsules.

I am interested in matters of potential and inevitability, and most particularly curious about perceptions of fate, of destiny, and of clairvoyance. Perhaps a participating viewer would likely already believe in divination by mechanical means, in the same way one might feel that a fortune cookie may be sent their way to enlighten life's unknown path ahead. Regardless, out of the dozens of prophesies, only one will be dispensed at random, chosen by a fate of debatable importance. If destiny is at work, only the viewer could make that designation. Perhaps personal belief alone informs the fortune's impression of heedful veracity or dismissive refute. Perhaps only those who choose to interact, the supplicants to the oracle, could tell if an encounter with a sculpture comprised of symbols of divination may wield power to transform beyond arthood itself.

Filled Prophesy Capsules


Singular Prophesies

"DISFAVOR OF THE GODS - Conserve your energies. Wait for a sign"

"FAVOR OF THE GODS - Fortune will light your path and clear the way"

"UNDECIDED - The gods demand additional offerings.

Their goodwill may yet turn in your favor"

"BOUNTY - You are embraced by prosperity. Your days are made sweet

by the gods"

"FEVER - You partook too deeply. It is time to starve your tongue"

"ABUNDANCE - Your destiny is fed by the goddess herself! Success awaits!"

"TAKE HEED - The gods are insatiable and cannot be appeased.

There is a storm ahead"

Singular Prophesies

Singular Prophesies

Singular Prophesies







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