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Playing Cards

I hope this deck was the first of many. I love them. Each card came in a different hue spanning the spectrum. In this series of forty cards, I have carved non-objective patterns inspired by color and suit. The patterns feel nearly recognizable, familiar and alien, sometimes totemic and biomorphic. While the pieces are all abstract and heavily variegated, in small groupings, glyphic relationships emerge. The relationships are fluid, allowing stories to be generated and regenerated by a slight adjustment of placement.

In carving these cards, I was met by a challenging thinness. The flaying process, slow and delicate, was exaggerated by the lack of layers and pulp. Where I had become accustomed to peeling a 1/16" in the book carvings and the album sleeve carvings, the playing cards limited the peel to 1/32". To have carved any deeper would expose the reverse side or even gouge entirely through.


King of Clubs

Ace of Diamonds

King of Hearts

Queen Clubs

Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Hearts

Two of Clubs

Two of Hearts

Two of Spades

Three of Clubs

Three of Hearts

Three of Spades

Four of Clubs

Four of Diamonds

Four of Hearts

Four of Spades

Five of Clubs

Five of Hearts

Six of Clubs

Six of Diamonds

Six of Hearts

Six of Spades

Seven of Clubs

Seven of Diamonds

Seven of Hearts

Eight of Clubs

Eight of Hearts

Eight of Hearts

Nine of Clubs

Nine of Diamonds

Nine of Hearts

Ten of Clubs

Ten of Diamonds

Ten of Hearts

Ace of Clubs

Ace of Hearts

Ace of Spades

Jack of Clubs

Jack of Diamonds

Jack of Hearts







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